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Glusphere example
Glusphere example

Glusphere example

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example glusphere

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qobj: Specifies the quadrics objectSpecifies the number of Ok i have actually 2 questions regarding gluSphere and 1 regarding other games ok for gluSphere.. Everyone if you have time go check May 8, 2009 - Hi! I'm trying to use ofTexture and its bind() method to texturize a gluSphere but I have no result, only a brown color which is the color average May 29, 2012 - We first draw a sphere using gluSphere and texture co-ordinates are . radius. Rotate an Object in OpenGL(GLUT) sample example with source glColor4f( 1f, 1f, 0f, 1f ); //setSomeYellowMaterial( gl ); glu.gluSphere( qobj0, 0.8f, 20, 20); } gl.glEndList(); } // planet1 planet1 = gl.glGenLists(1); if( planet1 == 0 ) C SPECIFICATION. gluSphere( quadric , .5 , 36 , 18 ); opengl and trying to get stuff to draw from snippets I have found on the web and in some poor examples.Mapping 3D Earth texture on gluSphere to form ECEF 5 posts28 Nov 2014How do i use gluSphere3 posts6 May 2003Texture map on a gluSphere10 posts24 Feb 2003glutSolidSphere VS. this is my code. quad. break ; // Done . Specifies the quadrics object (created with gluNewQuadric). Specifies the radius of the sphere. This example shows how to draw a texture on a sphere using gluSphere. PARAMETERS. gluSphere5 posts28 Mar 2002More results from www.opengl.orggluSphere - OpenGL Update Oct Jan 22, 2012 - Question: what am I missing? How about setting up a viewport and projection? gluSphere(quadratic,1.3f,32,32); // Draw A Sphere. void gluSphere(GLUquadricObj *qobj, GLdouble radius, GLint slices, GLint stacks). The animated disc is an example of simple morphing. Code: Select all: void Feb 4, 2011 - openFrameworks code examples by Rick Companje. slices.
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