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Gtk_entry_get_text example
Gtk_entry_get_text example

Gtk_entry_get_text example

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example gtk_entry_get_text

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Retrieves the contents of .. See gtk_text_view_reset_im_context() for an example of use. Also do the Apr 21, 2010 - We use the gtk_entry_get_text function to retrieve the text that the user has This is the full code example that displays a data entry field and a = gtk_entry_get_text(GTK_ENTRY (entry1)); } static void num2( . of the GtkEntry. @chukchuck correctly handles this in his example.Help with a simple Gtk Application8 Jul 2009Changing the background of a gnome application18 Jun 2008First C app please help31 Jan 2006More results from ubuntuforums.orgGTK v1.2 Tutorial: Miscellaneous example makes use of the Frame widget to better demonstrate the label entry_text = gtk_entry_get_text(GTK_ENTRY(entry)); printf("Entry contents:char * as an argument. entry = '%s' ", gtk_entry_get_text(entry)); fflush(stdout); } /* "toggle editability" button "clicked" callback function. */ void on_button2_clicked(GtkButton* button, I put this example together based on what I've learned from the first few pages of the GTK2.0 tutorial, the API, and a fair amount of trial and errorView topic - if with gtk_entry_get_text()2 posts16 Dec 2009Proper way: gtk_entry_get_text or GTK_ENTRY(obj)->text3 posts20 Feb 2009View topic - Newbie HowTo / How To use GtkEntry to 3 posts17 Feb 2009View topic - Error with GtkEntry9 posts9 May 2008More results from www.gtkforums.comRe: gtk_entry_get_text() - having problems with return 5, 2003 - and gtk_entry_get_text() returns G_CONST_RETURN gchar* > > According to RE: Running with the example "editor" program Jun 19, 2012 - This assumes that self.builder is a Gtk.Builder instance that you assigned for example in your __init__ method using the get_builder function of Jul 12, 2010 - The gtk_entry_get_text() function is causing the segfault. – dallen Jul gchar *text; text = gtk_entry_get_text(GTK_ENTRY(entry));. current value */ const gchar* cur_value = gtk_entry_get_text (GTK_ENTRY (show_entry)); const gchar * gtk_entry_get_text ( GtkEntry *entry );. An example that shows how to monitor and set a couple Nautilus .
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